Canon Service Tool v5103 Free Download

Canon Service Tool v5103 Free Download. After removing components such as the Logic Board Assy, Waste Ink Absorber, Print Head, and others, Canon Service Tool is used to reprogram printers. There are two types of errors on Canon printers: “Operator Call Error” and “Service Call Error.”

Canon Service Tool v5103 Free Download

A paper jam, no paper, ink cartridge in the wrong place, ink cartridge not mounted, and other errors that can be corrected by the operator or user are examples of operator call errors. The waste ink absorber is maximum error code [5B00] is an example of a Service Call Error that needs immediate repair by the Service Center.

There are two methods for resetting the Canon printer: manual reset and Service Tool reset. Read the post-Reset Canon Printers Manually for manual resets, and the post Reset Canon Printers with the Service Tool for resetting with the Service Tool.

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If the waste ink absorber is replaced with a new one, using the Service Tool to reset the waste ink counter would be successful in the case of “Waste ink absorber is complete [5B00].” In the near future, the use of Service Tools without a component replacement will generate new problems. After previously adjusting the waste ink absorber, the Service Tool can be used to reset the waste ink counter.

Canon Service Tool

Canon Service Tool Free Download

If the printer is in Service Mode, you can use the Canon Service Tool. The Service Tool cannot be used if the printer is in user mode, or an error message occurs when it is used. The Canon Service Tool can be used with a number of printers, and if the Service Tool does not help the printer, an error message may appear as a warning. Canon Service Tool is a lightweight program that does not require installation before use.

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We’ll use the Canon Support Tool in an application called “KelvenBox version 1.0.” KelvenBox v.1.0 is a lightweight program that can be used directly without the need to install it. Canon Service Tool v.4718, Epson Printer Adjustment Program, and Epson Scanner Adjustment Program are all included in KelvenBox.

If your printer is set to Service Mode, you can use the Canon Service Feature. To enter Service Mode, press the Stop/Reset/Resume/Cancel button (adjust your printer to see what buttons are available) and the Start/Power/On/Off button (adjust your printer to see what buttons are available) alternately. Each printer has its own method for entering Service Mode, but the procedures are virtually identical. To enter Service Mode, go through the steps below.

Canon Service Tool

Now enter in service mode:

  • ُPower off Your Canon printer.
  • Click and hold the Stop button.
  • Click and hold the Power button.
  • Release the Stop button (the Power button is still pressed).
  • Press and release the Stop button 4 times.
  • Press and hold the Stop button.
  • Release the Power and Stop buttons together.

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How to Reset Canon Printers using Service Tool

  1. First Download Resetter Tool
  2. Extract it.
  3. Load paper.
  4. Clear Ink Counter, select MAIN (1).
  5. Set (2).
  6. Wait for the printer to finish printing D=000.0
  7. Click OK.
  8. Close Service Tool.
  9. Power off the printer (wait 10 seconds).
  10. Power on your printer.
  11. That’s it. Done!

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