Canon Service Tool v5306 Free Download

Canon Service Tool v5306 Free Download

Canon Service Tool v5306 Free Download. Canon Service Tool is a program for servicing and resetting Canon printers after replacing parts like ink absorbents, print heads, and printer mainboards. Service Tool is most commonly used to reset the waste ink counter value when the waste ink absorber is full, based on the numerous examples we’ve encountered. The waste ink absorber must be changed or cleaned when it reaches capacity. Repairs continue by resetting the waste ink counter value once the waste ink absorber has been replaced or cleaned. The waste ink counter value may be reset using the Service Tool.

Canon Service Tool v5306 Free Download

General Tool was the first name given to the tool required to reset this Canon printer. The Service Tool may be used to reset canon printers. General Tool was most likely launched in 2004, then again in 2012, and so on till now. According to the information we have, both General Tool and the Service Tool have several versions, each of which is used to reset a certain type of device. If you receive the error code 005 while using the Service Tool, it implies that the Service Tool you’re using doesn’t support your printer. Reading the Service Manual page for the printer being repaired is the best approach to determine which version of the Service Tool is compatible with that printer.

Canon Service Tool
Canon Service Tool

Download Free Canon Service Tool v5306

How will you know which Service Tool is suited for our printer if the printer Service Manual is not available on the internet? The best approach to find an appropriate service tool for a printer, according to our findings, is to compare the year the printer was built with the year the Service Tool was launched. If your printer was launched in 2015, you should use the 2015 Service Tool. You’ll get an error number 005 if you try to reset a printer from 2015 with the Service Tool from 2012, suggesting that the Service Tool doesn’t support the newer printers. It’s currently being worked on. If you’re resetting a printer with the 2016 version of the Service Tool.

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Canon Service Tool V5306

Now enter in Service mode

  • To enter Service Mode,
  • press the Stop/Reset/Resume
  • Cancel button (adjust your printer to see what buttons are available)
  • The Starts/Power/On/Off button (adjust your printer to see what buttons are available) in a certain order.

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How to Reset the Canon Printers with Service tool V5306?

  • First, get the Resetter Tool.
  • It should be extracted.
  • The paper should be loaded.
  • Clear the Ink Counter and choose MAIN (1).
  • Organize (2).
  • Wait for D=000.0 to finish printing on the printer.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Service Tool should be closed.


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